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    AutoPulse® Makes it to BVCHD

    AutoPulse® Makes it to BVCHD

    On November 14th, 2020 The BVCHD Foundation held their 3rd annual Tree of Lights. Like so many other events this year, The Tree of Lights event looked a little different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year participants were asked to view the ceremony from their car while listening to it being broadcast on a local FM station. The ceremony was also live streamed on Facebook so that families could enjoy it from the comfort of their own homes.

    According to the BVCHD Foundation President Holly Elmer, the event was very successful, and they were able to raise money for some much-needed equipment for the Hospital during the pandemic. The ceremony honored 34 people and memorialized 121 people. Each year the event has grown, and more names have been added to the reading of names.

    The money raised from this event was used to purchase state of the art equipment, including 2 High Flow devices, a Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure or Bipap machine, 2 Electrocardiograms or EKG machines, blanket warmer, solution warmer, testing and re-agents for COVID-19 testing, and more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as needed.

    In the midst of the pandemic the Foundation was able to raise over $79,000.00 this year thanks to several substantial donations and The Tree of Lights event. One of the larger donations was made by community member Tony Tamburchi, who reached out to BVCHD CEO John Friel in the early days of the pandemic asking how he could financially support some of the hospital’s efforts.

    As a result of Mr. Tamburchi’s generous donation, BVCHD was able to purchase an AutoPulse® Resuscitation System. The AutoPulse® Resuscitation System provides high-quality automated CPR to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Easy to use and battery-operated, AutoPulse squeezes the patient’s entire chest to improve blood flow to the heart and brain. Compared with manual CPR, AutoPulse has been shown to reduce interruptions in compressions during transport by more than 85%

    BVCHD Foundation president Holly Elmer said “it was amazing that we had so many generous sponsors, and donations as well as those who bought lights, for a good cause, our hospital, especially during the trying times of COVID-19.  This year has been particularly difficult due to the pandemic, and the Tree of Lights brought joy and comfort to all, especially those who lost loved ones and couldn’t do a proper goodbye.  I am extremely proud of the entire Foundation and the hard work each put into this event to make it so successful.”

    Thank you BVCHD Foundation for ALL your hard work on this event, and for overcoming all the challenges that came with putting the event on in the virtual world. The Hospital, our staff and patients thank you for being our champion!


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