• 03 MAR 20
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    Moving From Accountability to Ownership…

    Moving From Accountability to Ownership…

    The Bear Valley Community Healthcare District has been investing significant time, resources and energy into our employees to make BVCHD a GREAT place to work. The BVCHD Administrative Team developed the Culture of Ownership Taskforce, a group whose sole purpose was to help move the culture at BVCHD from Accountability to Ownership, a principle adopted from Values Coach and Author Joe Tye. Joe Tye is CEO and Head Coach of Values Coach, which provides consulting, training and coaching on values-based leadership and cultural transformation. Joe is the author or coauthor of fifteen books including his newest release Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare (with Bob Dent). His book The Florence Prescription: from Accountability to Ownership has more than 500,000 copies in print. The Florence Prescription was purchased for every employee of BVCHD and departments were encouraged to read the book and discuss together, to develop solutions for a stronger culture.

    Compliance/Risk Officer, Mary Norman, along with HIM Director/Privacy Officer, Eva Pierce, co-wrote a grant used to bring Joe Tye and his program to BVCHD. When asked why this mattered Mary Norman replied “we knew it was important, we wanted to bring the program to BVCHD. The program is pricey, but we knew it mattered and we found a way to get it here.”

    Joe Tye Spent three days at BVCHD working through the current culture, working with Department Managers, Employees and Key Stakeholders in the organization. His work is centered around moving our culture from accountability, to one of ownership. Leadership wants each and every employee to come to work knowing that THEY are the reason this organization functions. Their contribution matters, and the work they do is meaningful.

    This work will continue at BVCHD for the next few months. Thank you Joe Tye and the Culture of Ownership Taskforce, for bringing this amazing opportunity to our hospital and to our staff.

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