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    BVCHD Does it AGAIN!

    BVCHD Does it AGAIN!

    Bear Valley Community Healthcare Beta Award Winner :

    BIG BEAR, CA November, 2019 Bear Valley Community Healthcare District was awarded the Beta Heart, Quest for Zero (tier 1&2) and Beta Gem. On October 26th The Administrative Team from BVCHD was presented with three separate awards from Beta Healthcare Group at their 2019 annual Symposium.

    The BVCHD Team received the Beta Heart Award for completion of three domains including communication, transparency, and culture of safety. BETA HEART (healing, empathy, accountability, resolution and trust) is a program designed to guide healthcare organizations in implementing a reliable and sustainable culture of safety  grounded  in  a philosophy of transparency. The overall goals of the program are to develop an empathic and clinically appropriate process that supports healing of both the patient and clinician after an adverse event; ensure accountability for the development of reliable systems that support the provision of safe care; provide mechanism for early, ethical resolution when harm occurs as a result of a medical error or  inappropriate care; and instill trust in all clinicians and patients.

    The second award was the Quest for Zero, which BVCHD has won for the past 3 years. This award was presented to the BVCHD Emergency Department. The department was recognized for two tiers:

    Tier1: Nurses and physicians that work in the ED completed an intensive training course and test on communication within the Emergency Department setting.

    Tier 2:  The hospital was recognized for developing a Patient and Family Advisory Committee and completing projects in the hospital that improve the patient experience.  The Patient and Family Advisory Council is made up of patients, family members of patients, and hospital volunteers who applied for the position and serve on the committee for a period of at least 1 year.

     Lastly, the BVCHD Team was presented with a Beta Gem award. The “GEM” award was presented for the Culture of Safety Newsletter that was published for all staff.  The newsletter highlighted strides toward patient safety and staff that contributed to creating a Culture of Safety throughout the hospital.

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