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    Years of Service

    Years of Service

    “A great employee is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find & lucky to have.”

    On August 7th, BVCHD Honored 26 employees for their years of service.  12 employees were honored for 5 years of service, 4 employees were honored for 10 years of service, 5 employees were honored for 15 years of service, 2 employees were honored for 20 years of service, one employee was honored for 30 years of service and 2 employees were honored for 40 years of service!!!

    BVCHD’s Human Resources Department put on an Italian inspired lunch, where employees were honored with a few words from their supervisor, a years of service pin and a certificate of recognition. BVCHD would like to thank these employees for their service and dedication to BVCHD and to the care for our patients. Thank you for all you do-

    5 Years: Adrienne Buchta, Asia Ivanushka, Gerald Consiglio, Caitlyn McLaughlin, Rebecca Bocanegra, Christina Gomez, Kerri Jex, Marissa Monahan, Jacob Phillips, Lauren Riley, Gail Shealy, Jeffry Tunnell

    10 Years: Cameron Egerer, KC Hendricks, Destiny Craig, Megan Meadors

    15 Years: Heather Loose, Sharon Belotti, Susie Bush Janet Copley, Mark Kaliher

    20 Years: Michael Cloutier, Nancy Faraci

    30 Years: Nancy McGivney

    40 Years: Carol Becker-Bien, Ann Beilby


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