• 11 MAY 19
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    “Community college leads to an associate’s degree that lets you get to work”- April Early

    “Community college leads to an associate’s degree that lets you get to work”- April Early

    Thank you Victor Valley College and The Big Bear Grizzly for this article! BVCHD is proud to call both the Early’s FAMILY
    Husband and wife Steve and April Early are both Victor Valley College nursing program graduates who have been recently promoted to hospital emergency department administrators. April, a VVC graduate of Spring 2014, was named the Emergency Department Director at Bear Valley Community Hospital (BVCHD), while Steve was named the Emergency Department Manager at Mountains Community Hospital (MCH).

    April was promoted to the position by the BVCHD Administrative Team on March 25th, according toa post on the hospital’s website. She is a long-time resident of Big Bear who has worked at BVCHD on and off since she was 18.

    “BVCHD is so happy to have April take on this position,” the hospital website states. “We look forward to seeing what new and exciting things she has planned for the Emergency Department!

    According to a Big Bear Grizzly newspaper story, April began as a clerk in the BVHCD emergency room soon after graduating high school in 2004, while becoming certified as an EMT.

    “I was inspired by my coworkers as I learned what nurses can do (in emergency medicine),” Early told the Grizzly. “Emergency medicine was my original plan out of school. I like the excitement, the adrenaline. I felt I was making a different.”

    Both Earlys decided to attend VVC to continue their education and earn their nursing degrees.

    “I think that is the smart way to go,” Early told the newspaper. “Victor Valley (College) has a great reputation. Community college leads to an associate’s degree that lets you get to work.”

    Both Steve and April also recently obtained their masters degrees in nursing.

    Steve has been working in emergency rooms for the past 17 years, according to a post on ROTWNews. He began as an EMT after he was honorably discharged from the military after 10 years of service. He most recently worked at BVCHD.

    “(Steve) is excited and very honored to be given the privilege of leading the ER at MCH,” the post states.

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