Bear Valley Community Healthcare District (BVCHD) shall utilize interpreters for patients who are not fluent in the English language.



  1. Determine if staff with appropriate knowledge of situation/medical terminology/procedure are who are fluent in the patient’s language are available to act as an interpreter.
  • Staff or family member may assist with providing limited, simple interpreting/translation services or in emergency situations.
  • The name of the family member/friend used as an interpreter as well as the patient’s permission to have family/friend interpret should be documented in the patient’s health record. Family (at the patient’s request), may interpret simple patient instructions, make appointments, register and verify insurance.
  1. For consents, explanations of new or complicated diagnoses, and quality/end of life issues, interpreters should be used in the following order of availability:
  • Certified in person interpreter
  • Language Phone Interpreter
  1. Language Line contact number: 1-800-628-8486 (Client ID# 295237)
  • Upon connection with language assistance line please follow the prompts provided to utilize translation services.
  1. The name of the person providing interpretation shall be documented in the medical record.