• 08 AUG 18
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    Renovations Scheduled for BVCHD Emergency Room

    Renovations Scheduled for BVCHD Emergency Room

    On 8/9/2018, BVCHD will commence the process of numerous renovations and upgrades to the Emergency Room Department. According to Michael Mursick, Director of Facilities, he and his team will be painting, updating the Admitting Clerk’s work stations, updating the Doctor’s work stations, replacing all cabinetry and flooring  and making the work environment current and more convenient for both Emergency Room employees, as well as patients.

    BVCHD is asking that all patients please be patient with us during this process, as renovations will be done when patient volume is low, prior to the winter “busy” season. All upgrades taking place will help us provide better care to all our patients.

    Recently the Emergency Room waiting area was completely updated, and after these scheduled renovations, the Emergency Room will have a new, and updated look and feel. Stay tuned for the “after” pictures!

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