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    BETA Quest for Zero

    BETA Quest for Zero

    On September 6th Bear Valley Community Healthcare District’s Emergency Department was awarded the BETA Quest for Zero Tier 2 award.

    Each tier had different qualifications for obtaining the award:

    Tier1: Every nurse and physician that work in the ED had to take an intensive training course and test on assessment and diagnosis of high risk chest pain.  We had to have 100% participation in order to receive the award.

    Tier 2:  The hospital was recognized for developing a Patient and Family Advisory Committee and completing projects in the hospital that improve the patient experience.  The Patient and Family Advisory Council is made up of patients, family members of patients, and hospital volunteers who applied for the position and serve on the committee for a period of at least 1 year.  Projects that the PFAC completed this year include:

    • Updating signage to make the hospital more patient and family oriented
    • Instituted an essential oil program in the ED, Front Lobby, SNF and FHC
    • Participated in the ED remodel project
    • Advised administration on updating the employee dress code
    • Created admission packets for patients who are admitted to the hospital
    • Improved the Patient and Family Centered Care Policy in the ED & Advised on the following issues in the ED:

    o   -Immediate Bedding

    o   -Communication to the lobby

    o   -Family members at the bedside

    o   -Patient rounding program

    • Put up suggestion boxes in the Front Lobby and FHC Lobby

    o   The PFAC reviews all suggestions that are put into the boxes

    • Reviewed survey process for patients who are seen in the ED and the FHC

    Bear Valley Community Healthcare is extremely proud of our team for receiving this award!


    *Pictured left to right: (back row) Erin Wilson, Heidi Markus, Sheri Mursick, Kerri Jex (front row) Mary Norman

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